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R.I.P| Clan Code 

|R.I.P| is a pirate clan, a threat for traders, hunters and freelancers.
War is our job.

1. General provisions:

1) The clan has a hard dicipline and subordination. 
2) Each clan member must know and follow the Code and server rules.
3) Each clan member must help other clan members and allies in line with the Code and server rules.
4) Each clan member must care about clan reputation.
5) Joining |R.I.P| clan, a pilot takes upon himself the following responsibilities:

2. Rights and duties:

1 Active participation in clan activities.
2 Providing help and support to clan members and allies.
3 If a clan member or ally is under attack and asks for help, every clan member online must come to help.
4 Constant training of pvp skills and killing clan enemies.
5 Each clan member may tax freelancers and clan enemies.

3. It is strictly forbidden to:

1) Violate the Code, server rules and orders of clan leader.
2) Disclose the info from the closed sections of forum.
3) Threaten anyone with clan KoS-list (Kill on Sight) without authorization of clan leader.
4) Speak on behalf of all clan without authorization of clan leader.
5) Kill chars under lvl 20
6) Be a member of any other clan.

7) Cheating, bugusing and insulting will result in IMMEDIATE EXPULTION from clan.
8) Reloading and F1 using is strictly forbidden.

4. Clan membership:
1) Clan leader.
2) Clan veterans council.
3) All important issues are decided by the Clan veterans council.
4) The official position of clan on any issue is represented by clan leader or person authorized by clan leader.


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